Jain TV Group-owned NSTPL (Noida Software Technology Park Limited) has declared that it will soon launch a Headend-In-The-Sky (HITS) platform – JainHITS.

NSTPL provides a comprehensive range of quality services such as TV Broadcasting, News Gathering & Video uplinking etc.
NSTPL’s teleport is located at Greater Noida (NCR), spread over 12 acres of area. NSTPL currently serves more than 50 National and International Broadcasters. NSTPL is also Indian partner of SINGTEL to carry signals of Indian broadcasters to rest of world through Fiber.
NSTPL also acts as a System Integrator for Broadcast & Media segment to provide end to end solution and now aggressively entering into Market as full fledged System Integrator in Indian sub continent.

NSTPL already has a multi-year, multi-transponder agreement for C-band capacity on Intelsat 902 at 62 degree East. The company will use the capacity to create a HITS platform that can be distributed by Local Cable Operators (LCOs) throughout the country. NSTPL says the Jain HITS platform will a “Connect and Collaborate approach”.
Jain HITS says it believes in the reach and power of the LCOs to provide Digital CATV throughout India.

For Jain HITS, Motorola mobility is the End- To-End partner and KIT Digital the solution architect and managed services partner.

WWIL, the CATV operation of the Zee Group had in 2008, launched its HITS service. The service was discontinued 2010 citing lack of clarity in the regulations. The withdrawal had caused considerable problems for partnering LCOs who were pulled up by consumers on then defunct STBs. They were offered an exchange of HITS STBs with DTH STBs, and option that was against the interest of continued Cable TV operations. In an exclusive interview with Satellite & Cable TV Magazine, Dr J.K. Jain – Chairman Jain Group, provided details of the proposed JAIN HITS platform:
SCaT: When will Jain HITS commence transmissions?
Dr. Jain: The JAIN HITS signal will be available for integration with downlinking Headends of Cable Operators in November 2012.
SCaT: Can you provide a brief sketch of your commercial proposal & terms and conditions for partnering LCOs?
Dr. Jain: The commercial proposal of JAIN HITS has been designed with a focus on the needs of the Cable Operators. Some of the benefits offered to the Cable Operator are as follows:
1. Go digital and comply with all legal, regulatory and content requirements with investments as low as Rs. 12 – 15 lakhs within Legal timelines.
2. Offer 200 to 500 TV services in MPEG4 quality.
3. Offer High Definition services.
4. Offer more consistent quality than DTH.
5. Provide far superior service that is not affected by rains and other climate conditions
6. Offer Broadband Services and enhance their revenue.
7. Sell consumer hardware and utility products such as smart devices, Tele-shopping etc.
8. Increase revenues by 5 times per subscriber.
9. A Cable Operator by pursuing a “connect and collaborate” policy with JAIN HITS, can meet the statutory requirements of QoS (Quality Of Service) parameters as set by TRAI without risking big investments and Free themselves of all technology, regulatory and content concerns and focus on market share.
10. Most importantly, Cable Operators will continue to own their networks and will not be required to give up controls over their clients, neither partial nor total, to the MSOs.
11. High quality and dependable STB, which offers high saving in the long run.
JAIN HITS is currently engaged in setting up a Super Headend at their Greater Noida teleport.

This facility has been designed, built and shall also be maintained by the best technology providers in the satellite and cable industry. Some of the names include Intelsat, Motorola Mobility which is now a Google company and Kit Digital, a leading integrator of digital headend projects.

This will enable implementation of DAS (Digital Access System) in one stroke all over India. The Subscriber Management System (SMS) and Conditional Access System (CAS) can monitor and control all accounting, billing and cable distribution related business functions of all the Subscribers all over the country.

There is no justification for individual Cable Operator to set up their own digital headend if all these services can be obtained from JAIN HITS headend at affordable costs by setting up a “Mini Downlink Headend” consisting of a set of a professional IRDs, C-Band downlink antenna, transmodulators, combiners, amplifiers and few more accessories. The end viewer on the Cable network will be connected to receive desired TV channels through an addressable Set Top Box (STB).

The Regular Annual Income Of A Cable Operator Under JAIN HITS Scheme Can Vary From Rs. 30 Lac To Rs. 2.2 Crore Per Annum At A Subscriber Base Ranging From 3000 To 20000. – Dr. J. K. Jain

SCaT: What will be the approximate investment required by the LCO to procure suitable Transmodulators and other headend equipment from Jain HITS.
Dr. Jain: In the JAIN HITS scheme, a cable operator will be able to go digital with a total investment that does not exceed R 15 lakhs for 200 channels including HD channels.
SCaT: What is the budgetary price of the STB to the LCO and his MRP to the consumer.
Dr. Jain: JAIN HITS is not in the business of selling STBs. In partnership with Cable Operators, JAIN HITS shall offer different levels of digital services to suit all pockets.
The entry point shall be as low as R 1000 for each subscriber and depending on the choice of menu, the subscription could go as high as R 5,500.
An elaborate service order form is being designed so that a subscriber can place the order for the quality and quantity of services they wish to buy. Even the minimum charge for the service at the level of Rs.1000 shall be superior to other DTH and MSO services, because JAIN HITS service has been built on the latest MPEG-4 standard.
SCaT: What is the approx. price point for consumer pay TV packages that you will offer.
Dr. Jain: Consumer packs will start from R 100 for FTA. JAIN HITS will offer full a-la-carte pre paid model as well. Our Pay packages will start from R 150 and go till R 1000 incase of High Definition (HD) TV etc.
SCaT: Any unique features / facilities planned on Jain HITS.
Dr. Jain: Table-1 summarises the services that JAIN HITS will offer, compared to that from MSOs and DTH platforms.
SCaT: You indicate that Jain HITS will also provide broadband Internet. Please provide details of how this will be delivered by the LCO? Does he have to buy bulk bandwidth independently or will it be delivered by Jain HITS to his local headend?
Dr. Jain: JAINHITS will provision bulk-bandwidth at the doorstep of the LCO/MSO.
JAINHITS will provide all the equipment to upgrade the network of operator to provide Broadband as well as Internet on TV.
JAINHITS will also offer CMTS and or GPON based solutions as most suitable to network along will full billing and customer service support.
JAINHITS will also provide Broadband modems and Broadband TV STBs which will enable surfing on TV.
SCaT: What monthly revenues can LCOs expect after partnering with JAIN HITS ?
Dr. Jain: The regular annual income of a Cable Operator under JAIN HITS scheme can vary from R 30 lakh to R 2.2 Crore per annum at a subscriber base ranging from 3,000 to 20,000. His income shall depend on his efforts. He will certainly earn much more revenues than he currently earns. Moreover, he is required to put less investment while he provides much wider range of services with better quality experience to their customers.
SCaT: Is there any specific (regional) area where Jain HITS proposes to focus its efforts? Or will the platform be offered throughout India?
Dr. Jain: JAIN HITS will be providing services throughout India and that too in one go. Selection of regional channels will be determined purely on professional considerations. The selection of other channels shall also take into account the subscriber’s choices. The product offerings is in the process of finalization
JAIN HITS have taken a prominent pavilion in Hall D at the SCaT 2012 India Tradeshow, which will be held at the World Trade Centre Mumbai, from 3rd to 5th November. Be there to directly meet the JAIN HITS team, and consider partnering with them.

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